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Outdoor Musical Instruments and Playground Equipment for Schools. American Schoolscapes supplies Playground Equipment to Elementary and Middle Schools, Children’s Daycare and a range of other child-centered organizations. We design and create spaces for play and learning and provide opportunities for children to stay fit and active through movement and exercise.
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Today after 11 years you can state that Ayurveda is spreading quickly and benefits are felt from all of must the whole clients. We were able to produce a center of 400 m2, and we have visiting doctor from India every 3-4 months, the place where the ancient Indian knowledge Ayurveda originates from. Dr.Vikram Chauhan, Dr. Madan Gulati, Dr. Menakshi Chauhan are several of the visiting doctors which might be going to Skopje. In colaboration whit Planet Ayurveda WHYAYUR will be here to help you solve your health problem throw herbs and life style changes. Our business has numerous years of experience in Ayurveda treatment together with over 40 different herbal ayurvedic supplements with assorted use guarantee for all our success.
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Kitty Kraze is the purrrfect one-stop speciality shop where cat lovers can find and enjoy the cutest kitty merchandise! Get yours right meow!
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